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Verifying Employee TIN Information

Once you have determined your common law employees and your total of full-time employees, an important detail in completing your ACA reporting is verifying your employees’ taxpayer identification numbers (TIN).

Failing to include an employee’s TIN, or providing the wrong TIN, could result in having your filing rejected, requiring corrections, re-issuing of employee copies, and potential penalties from the IRS. It is crucial to verify that you have the correct employee TIN information in order to avoid such consequences.

We created TINCorrect in order to help employers accurately file their IRS information returns.

With TINCorrect, you can verify Social Security Numbers (SSN) or company Employer Identification Numbers (EIN) before submitting your tax forms to the IRS.

TINCorrect works by allowing you to enter a TIN along with the associated individual or business name and verifying that the information provided to you matches with the information the IRS has on file. You can check each TIN individually or use bulk uploading for larger batches. TINCorrect will remove any invalid TINs and typically return the results to you within one business day.

By recognizing TIN issues before you file, you give yourself the opportunity to fix any errors prior to filing with the IRS and avoid penalties. You can then do a TIN solicitation to ensure you receive the most current information from the individuals and businesses for whom you are filing. If the TIN continues to be rejected, you will have proof that you made a good faith effort to correct the invalid information, which will also help protect you against penalties.

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