How Do I Void a 1095-C After E-filing?

So you’ve e-filed your 1095-Cs only to realize that you need to delete an employee’s data that was included by mistake. Unlike paper forms, there isn’t a straightforward way to void a 1095-C when you have e-filed.

So this raises the question: Is there a way to void a 1095-C after it has been e-filed?

The Official Guidance (or Lack Thereof)

The IRS AIR Submission Composition and Reference Guide makes no mention of the void process, and although the paper forms have a simple ‘Void” check box, the e-file specification does not provide a void process via XML or other high-level processes.

How to Void a 1095-C After E-filing

The IRS has told us that while they do not have a straight forward void process similar to checking ‘Void’ on the paper forms, they do have a work around that acts as a void for e-filers. Continue reading How Do I Void a 1095-C After E-filing?