Import Spreadsheet Format Guidelines for Tax Year 2015

Tax Year 2015 Import Spreadsheet Guidelines

To help you quickly and easily import your employee data, we have created an Excel spreadsheet template that contains all of your 1095-C data in a standard format for tax year 2015. This will make filing your ACA data before the deadline even easier! This format closely mirrors the 1095-C forms so your benefits / … Read more

IRS Announced Updated ACA Deadlines for TY 2015

Calendar deadline

Recently, the IRS has announced updated ACA deadlines for tax year 2015. Updated ACA Deadlines On December 28th, the IRS released updated ACA deadlines as follows: The IRS has also noted that extensions will not be available in addition to the new deadlines: Importantly, the IRS explained that because the new deadlines are available to … Read more

Preparing for Employer Shared Responsibility – IRS TY 2015

Employer Shared Responsibility - Monthly budget

The Affordable Care Act mandate specifies that employers must offer a majority of their employees affordable health coverage. For tax year 2015, you’ll need to calculate whether 70% of your full-time employees were covered. If you haven’t offered 70% of your eligible employees with affordable healthcare coverage, you may be subject to fines. How to Calculate Employer Shared … Read more