Penalties for Tax Year 2018 ACA, 1099 and W-2 Reporting

Take active measures to avoid paying penalties for Tax Year 2018 by planning ahead, keeping track of your deadlines, and double-checking your information. If you fail to timely file your information returns or file them incorrectly, you could be liable for additional fines or fees.

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State W-2 Reporting Requirements

In addition to submitting your W-2 reporting to the Social Security Administration, you need to be aware of your state or locality’s W-2 reporting requirements. State W-2 reporting requirements vary by state. Select your state below to view more information about their W-2 reporting requirements. Continue reading State W-2 Reporting Requirements

Wisconsin State W-2 Reporting Requirements

Does Wisconsin Require State W-2 Reporting?

Yes, Wisconsin does require state W-2 reporting only if there was state tax withholding.

How Must Wisconsin State W-2 Reporting be Filed?

Wisconsin accepts e-filing and paper filing.

What are the Forms and Due Dates for Wisconsin State W-2 Reporting?

In addition to the Form W-2, Wisconsin requires Form WT-7, Employer’s Annual Reconciliation of Wisconsin Income Tax Withheld to be filed directly with the state.

Forms W-2 and WT-7 are due by January 31.

What is the Responsible State Filing Agency?

Wisconsin Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 8933
Madison, Wisconsin 53708-8933
Phone: (608) 266-2776