Combined Federal/State Filing Program – Comprehensive List TY 2021

combined federal/state filing program - minnesota wisconsin

In addition to IRS filing requirements, many states have Form 1099 Requirements as well. The Combined Federal/State Filing (CF/SF) Program was created and implemented to make filing certain information returns easier and simpler for the filer. What is the Combined Federal/State Filing Program? The CF/SF program was established to simplify information returns filing for payers. … Read more

File and Distribute Form 1099

File and Distribute Form 1099

Several parties will require copies of Form 1099. This is how printed copies should be distributed: Copy A → IRS Copy 1 → State Tax Department Copy B → Recipient Copy 2 → Recipient to File w/ State Income Tax Return Copy C → Payer Copy (for your records) When you e-file your 1099 forms with … Read more

Mastering Form 1099-DIV: The Essential Guide


Form 1099-DIV is used by banks and other financial institutions to report dividend income and other distributions, such as stock or capital gains. They are completed for each person who has been paid dividends and other distributions on stock of $10 or more. There are circumstances where someone might receive a Form 1099-DIV; there are … Read more

Mastering Form 1099-NEC: The Essential Guide


Form 1099-NEC is used to report non-employee compensation amounts to the IRS. A non-employee is defined as a person or business who is not employed by your company, such as independent contractors, freelancers, or outsourcing companies. Learn more about determining who should receive a Form 1099-NEC by navigating to our article “Who receives a Form … Read more

Mastering Form 1099-MISC: The Essential Guide

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IRS Form 1099-MISC, introduced in 1918, is a type of 1099 used to report various types of miscellaneous income. Prior to Tax Year 2020, Form 1099-MISC reported non-employee compensation in box 7. Now, non-employee compensation has its own form: the 1099-NEC. This form is issued by the payer, or known as a business, and given … Read more