Secure Your Account with Our SecureWipe Service

Are you interested in a cloud based ACA filing solution, but you aren’t sure about having your data “in the cloud”? If so, we created a service called SecureWipe to permanently erase all of your data from the BoomTax platform. This includes all of your data: filings, forms, downloads, imports, logs, and more.

This new service is part of our comprehensive approach to security. In addition to following security best practices and providing end-to-end encryption across the entire e-filing process, SecureWipe allows you to manage your data footprint and provide additional piece of mind.

What Does SecureWipe Include?

With this service, we will delete all of your data from our system. This includes every piece of data associated with your account (including logs). We also remove your user account from BoomTax, which will prevent you from logging in going forward. After we have run this process, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the data that was removed from our system.

Note: Due to the nature of our backups, your data will take roughly 30-60 days to completely "roll-off" of our back-end systems. After this point, our system will have no record of your account.


Once you initiate the SecureWipe process, we will delete all of the information in your account. This means that you will no longer be able to:

  • File corrections
  • Download employee copies
  • Download archival copies
  • Order print and mail

If you discover that you must file corrections after ordering our SecureWipe service, you may need to manually create and submit these by hand.

Interested in Our SecureWipe Service?

First, complete your filing by doing the following:

  • Download archival copies of your forms.
  • Download employee copies of your forms.
  • Make any corrections as needed.

Once you are ready to remove your data from BoomTax, contact us to get started!


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