Prepare, Distribute, E-File

Not sure how ACA filing works? Want to make sure you’re ready for the upcoming tax season?

You’re in luck! We have created a high level overview of the BoomTax ACA filing process from start to finish. Our process is designed to be as simple as possible, and we’re actively working to make it even simpler!

Review the ‘Getting Started’ Checklist

It is important to know what information to gather before you begin the ACA reporting process. We’ve identified 7 key topics that may help with completing your ACA filing in our Getting Started Checklist.

Check the Deadlines

BoomTax keeps you updated on any changes to these deadlines by posting to our blog site.  You can also find the up-to-date deadlines on our homepage.

Create Your BoomTax Account and Import Your Data

Follow our step-by-step guide to set up your Boomtax account and import your data.

Distribute 1095-C Employee Copies

  • Download and print PDF mailable copies of the 1095-C forms from your Boomtax account.  The forms can be printed on plain white printing paper and are automatically formatted to fit in a double window #10 envelope.
  • Don’t feel like going through all the hassle? Let BoomTax take care of the printing and mailing your 1095-C employee copies with our optional add-on service for a nominal fee.

E-File Your Forms to the IRS

When you are ready to e-file your forms, simply click the “E-file” button to send the forms to the IRS.  We will keep you posted throughout the process.

Your Filing is ‘Accepted’

Congratulations, you are done!  There are no further steps you have to take to complete your filing. If you need to make changes to your filing, you can always login to BoomTax, make your changes, and then e-file your corrections.

Your Filing is ‘Rejected’

This typically happens when the company name and/or EIN on the 1094-C header form are incorrect.

Login to BoomTax and click on your filing. Click on the ‘Edit’ button under ‘Summary’, then make the necessary changes to your 1094-C. Finally, resubmit your filing to the IRS by clicking the “E-File” button at the top of your filing.

Your Filing is ‘Accepted with Errors’

Login to BoomTax and click on your filing. Next, click on any forms with the word ‘Error’ next to them.  After this, you will see a description of the error along with guidance on how to fix it. The most common issues we see are caused by an invalid TIN.

Make Corrections to Your Filing

Complete Your Filing

In some cases, you may not be able to fix all TIN validation errors. In this case, the IRS recommends soliciting your employees for updated information and documenting this process where possible. Once you have completed this in accordance with the IRS recommendations, then your filing is “complete”.

Any employees that respond with updated information should have their information re-filed and corrected forms issued.


Feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we’ll reach out to you ASAP!

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