Pennsylvania State W-2 Reporting Requirements – 2018

Does Pennsylvania Require State W-2 Reporting?

Yes, Pennsylvania does require state W-2 reporting even if there was no state tax withholding.

How Must Pennsylvania State W-2 Reporting be Filed?

Pennsylvania accepts e-filing and paper filing. However, employers with 250 or more W-2s to file are required to file electronically.

What are the Forms and Due Dates for Pennsylvania State W-2 Reporting?

In addition to the Form W-2, Pennsylvania requires Form REV-1667, Annual Withholding Reconciliation Statement to be filed.

Forms W-2 and REV-1667 are due by January 31.

What is the Responsible State Filing Agency?

Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17128-0101
Phone: (717) 783-1405

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