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New Features for Tax Year 2019

BoomTax is excited to announce the release of our Tax Year 2019 product. We’ve been hard at work developing new features that will save you time while keeping the filing process simple.

Now Supporting ACA State Filing

Tax year 2019 is the first year where state filing is now required for employers filing on behalf of eligible employees in New Jersey and the District of Columbia. We are proud to announce that ACA state filing is now included as part of all Enterprise level plans.

Improved ACA Error Reports

We’ve improved ACA error reporting so that you can now view, sort, and export to Excel all errors across all filings in your account.

One-Click Void Process for ACA Forms

In the past, if you accidentally e-filed a form that shouldn’t have been e-filed, you would have to follow a long procedure to manually void this information. Now, you can simply click void and we will void the form for you!

Improved Error Reporting for Covered Individuals

Previous IRS error reports would only indicate the position of the covered individual that had an error and not the name of individual (e.g. ‘Covered individual #1 has an error’). This was tedious because you would then need to refer to the filing to determine who caused the error before attempting to fix the issue. For tax year 2019, we have changed this to show the covered individuals name directly in the error message making your corrections process much simpler.

Warnings for Data that Could Cause Fines

We have added new checks and warnings for data entries that are known to trigger IRS letters like form 226-J. This can help ward off data entry errors that could result in large fines if they are selected by accident.

Great New Features, Same Low Price!

Contact us today to determine the best solution for your business.

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