Colorado State 1099 Tax Filing

Does Colorado require state 1099 tax filing?

Yes, Colorado requires all 1099 forms to be filed with the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Does Colorado participate in Combined Federal/State Filing?

Yes, Colorado participates in Combined Federal/State Filing. If you utilize CF/SF when filing your 1099s, the IRS will forward the information to the Colorado Department of Revenue and you will not have to do so yourself.

Please note that if withholding is reported on the 1099 forms, you are required to also file Form DR-1106 to report backup withholding to the state.

Form 1099-NEC must be filed directly with the state of Colorado, even if you participate in the CF/SF program.

What is the responsible state agency?

Taxation Divison
P.O. Box 17087
Denver, CO 80217-0087
(303) 238-7378
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