TINCorrect: Employee and Vendor Verification

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Avoid receiving TIN errors on your filings by using a TIN verification, like TINCorrect prior to submitting your filing. What is TINCorrect? TINCorrect allows you to verify SSNs (Social Security Numbers) or company EINs (Employer Identification Numbers) prior to submitting your tax forms to the IRS. Submitting tax forms with the wrong TIN information can … Read more

Why You Should Be Using TIN Verification to Avoid Setbacks

TIN Verification Avoidance Steps

Year-end tax reporting can come with a multitude of worries, such as incurring fines and penalties with your ACA, 1099, and W-2 filings. Many of these fines could be avoided with Tax Identification Number (TIN) Verification. This can be a useful tool that filers don’t take advantage of. What is TIN Verification? TIN verification allows … Read more

Tips for Tax Season 2018

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January 2018 is fast approaching, which means that the tax season is almost here! Here at BoomTax, we are hard at work preparing to release our Tax Year 2017 product. You may have noticed a few changes to our homepage. If you haven’t already, create your free account today and keep an eye out for … Read more

Tax Year 2015 Import Spreadsheet Guidelines

Tax Year 2015 Import Spreadsheet Guidelines

To help you quickly and easily import your employee data, we have created an Excel spreadsheet template that contains all of your 1095-C data in a standard format for tax year 2015.

This format closely mirrors the 1095-C forms so your benefits / payroll provider may be able to easily provide the information required to populate the 1095-C import spreadsheet.

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