IRS Updates AIR UI and A2A Services to TLS 1.2+, Drops Support for Older Browsers

tls 1.2 lock

According to a Quick Alert released by the IRS, the AIR A2A and UI systems will be dropping support for TLS < 1.2 in the coming months. TLS is an encryption protocol that was designed to protect data as it’s being transferred across a network. Systems on the application layer provide encryption and decryption capabilities … Read more

IRS Announces New IR-TCC in Phase 2 of Plan to Update Legacy IRS FIRE TCC

IR-TCC Application

In a Quick Alert posted on June 15th, the IRS announced that it is pushing forward with its implementation of the new Information Returns Application for Transmitter Control Code (IR-TCC) standard for the FIRE System. This development is critical for existing FIRE system filers as these users will need to re-apply for a TCC using … Read more

IRS E-Services: 11 Services Affected by Migration

irs e-services phone authentication with security icon

After a major overhaul of the IRS E-Services login last year, the IRS is set to shake up the authentication and login of E-Services users yet again. In a QuickAlerts announcement in early May 2022, the IRS stated that they will be moving away from the cumbersome E-Services Secure Access platform and will instead partner … Read more