IRS Form W-2 Guide for 2023 (TY2022)

Form W-2 Guide

It is important that you know what information you need before you begin preparing Form W-2. We’ve compiled the following 4 key topics in our Form W-2 Guide that may help you to correctly and timely complete your filing. What’s new for Form W-2? Form W-2 Guide – Key Topics Our Form W-2 guide identifies … Read more

Who Receives a Form W-2?

Employees Working - Form W-2

The IRS requires that employers report wage and salary information for employees using Form W-2. This form is also used to report other information, such as taxes withheld, employer fringe benefits, health savings account contributions, etc. This information is submitted to the IRS and provided to each employee. Who receives a Form W-2? Employers must … Read more

State W-2 Reporting Requirements – Comprehensive List

State W-2 Filing

In addition to submitting your W-2 reporting to the Social Security Administration (SSA), you need to be aware of your state W-2 reporting requirements. What is Form W-2? Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, is used by employers to report employees’ annual earnings, federal, and state taxes withheld at the end of each calendar year. … Read more

Electronic Form Delivery Simplifies IRS 1095, 1099, & W-2

Electronic Form Delivery

The IRS authorizes businesses to furnish electronic copies of certain tax forms, instead of a paper copy. Electronic Form Delivery Benefits There are many benefits to E-Delivery: However, electronic form delivery isn’t as simple as just sending forms via email; there are extensive rules and requirements for it. Electronic Form Delivery Requirements The requirements for … Read more

15 Question Quiz to Conquer Employee Vs Contractor Dilemma

employee vs contractor - 4 people talking at table

During every tax year, the same question arises, “Is this person an employee or a contractor?” The Employee Vs Contractor classification is a critical part of filing and must be correct when it’s time to file and distribute forms to recipients. Incorrect forms can lead to the business being liable for employment taxes for that … Read more

File and Distribute – Form W-2

Form W-2 Envelopes

Several parties will require copies of your Forms W-2 reporting. The copies should be distributed as follows: Form W-2 Copy Distribution Copy A → SSA Copy 1 → State, city, or local tax department Copy B → Employee Copy 2 → Employee Copy C → Employee Copy D → Employer (for record-keeping) When you e-file your Forms W-2 with an authorized … Read more

Mastering Form W-3: The Essential Guide


IRS Form W-3, Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements, serves as a summary or cover sheet for the accompanying Forms W-2. It is used annually by the IRS and the Social Security Administration (SSA) when an employer opts to paper file. What is Form W-3? I briefly mentioned above how IRS Form W-3, Transmittal of … Read more

IRS Filing Guides for ACA, 1099, and W-2 – TY 2022

Quick Guide 2023 Filing Guide- Flat lay desktop with laptop, office supplies, coffee, and balled up paper.

The end of the 2022 tax year means that the 2023 filing season is just around the corner! With our filing guide, you don’t have to spend endless hours laboring over getting your filings prepared and submitted to the IRS. Whether you’re brand new to filing or have been a doing this for a while, … Read more

EFile W2 Forms – BSO Changes for Tax Year 2022

EFile W2 Forms - BSO Changes for Tax Year 2022 - Desktop with notebook and laptop

The IRS Form W2 deadline is just around the corner. It’s important for employers to know what information is required before they begin preparing to efile W2 forms.  BSO Changes The Social Security Administration (SSA) has recently made some big changes to the Business Services Online (BSO) portal. The BSO portal allows organizations, businesses, individuals, … Read more