Combined Federal/State Filing Program – Comprehensive List

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In addition to IRS filing requirements, many states have Form 1099 Requirements as well. The Combined Federal/State Filing (CF/SF) Program was created and implemented to make filing certain information returns easier and simpler for the filer. What is the Combined Federal/State Filing Program? The CF/SF program was established to simplify information returns filing for payers. … Read more

What is Employer Shared Responsibility?

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Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the federal and state governments, employers, and insurers were given a shared responsibility to improve the availability, quality, and affordability of health coverage in the US. The Affordable Care Act’s employer shared responsibility provisions require certain employers (called applicable large employers or ALEs) to offer affordable health coverage to … Read more

What is a Transfer Agent? – IRS TY 2022

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When completing your year end filings, you may find that the summary forms ask you to name the Payer’s Transfer Agent, if applicable. In many cases, you can find the this information under the investor relations section of a company’s website. Transfer Agent This can be a trust company, bank, or other institution assigned by another … Read more

Understanding Information Returns – Comprehensive Guide 2022

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An Information Return is a tax form used to report to the federal government, non-payroll related payments made from a business, agency or person to another person or company. You also must furnish copies of the information returns to recipients for payments reported. Failure to file the information returns by specified due dates could result … Read more