Two Factor Authentication Now Available

Two Factor Authentication Now Available

In our continuing effort to provide the most secure platform for completing your Affordable Care Act filing, we are proudly announcing that Two Factor Authentication is now available for all BoomTax users.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

You may be familiar with Two Factor Authentication (aka 2FA) if you’ve ever logged into a website, then had to type in a code you receive on your phone. This prevents a would be attacker from stealing your login credentials and logging in to your account. With 2FA, the attacker would need your login AND access to your phone in order to login to your account.

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Secure Your Account with Our SecureWipe Service

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Are you interested in a cloud based ACA filing solution, but you aren’t sure about having your data “in the cloud”? If so, we created a service called SecureWipe to permanently erase all of your data from the BoomTax platform. This includes all of your data: filings, forms, downloads, imports, logs, and more.

This new service is part of our comprehensive approach to security. In addition to following security best practices and providing end-to-end encryption across the entire e-filing process, SecureWipe allows you to manage your data footprint and provide additional piece of mind.

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Free ACA E-filing Service for Small Businesses

ffree ACA e-filing service, free e-file, ACA Reporting, obamacare, 1095-C

As part of our continued commitment to small businesses, we are proud to announce the launch of our FREE ACA e-filing service for select employers. Beginning today, employers with up to 75 full-time (or full-time equivalent) employees can use BoomTax to file their IRS tax forms 1094-C and 1095-C electronically with the IRS for the … Read more

Looking for an ACA filing solution? IRS TY 2015

ACA Filing employer shared responsibility typing mac

If you’re looking for an ACA filing solution, look no further. Let BoomTax do the work for you, so you can get your ACA filing done in a timely manner before the deadlines. As an employer, you’ve spent countless hours shopping around for affordable health care that meets all of the ACA requirements and you’ve … Read more

Import and E-File AIR XML Files in 5 Minutes

So you’re ready to e-File AIR XML data to the IRS, and you’ve realized that this process isn’t nearly as simple as it should be. First, you have to register for a TCC, pass some complex test scenarios, then learn the corrections/rejections process, then be able to produce custom code if your file has issues.

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E-File Your UltiPro / Ultimate Software AIR XML

Ultimate Software AIR XML

Do you have an Ultimate Software AIR XML file that you need to e-file? If so, you are in luck! BoomTax now has the ability to import your XML file and e-file your forms within minutes. How do I e-file my Ultimate Software AIR XML? First, contact BoomTax for instructions on how to upload your data file … Read more

Import Spreadsheet Format Guidelines for Tax Year 2015

Tax Year 2015 Import Spreadsheet Guidelines

To help you quickly and easily import your employee data, we have created an Excel spreadsheet template that contains all of your 1095-C data in a standard format for tax year 2015. This will make filing your ACA data before the deadline even easier! This format closely mirrors the 1095-C forms so your benefits / … Read more

Prepare Employees for New Form 1095-C

new form 1095-c - Man typing

The new ACA regulations require that applicable large employers issue a 1095-C to all eligible employees. Since this reporting requirement is new for 2015, there are some new process considerations to take into account to ensure that your employees are well informed, while also making sure you can gather data to help with compliance. At BoomTax, … Read more

Identify Covered Individuals and Gather Information for Form 1095-C

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For self-insured plans, you’ll need to identify covered individuals (employee, spouse, and their dependents) and their social security numbers. A date of birth will work in lieu of a social security number if you’ve made a reasonable attempt to gather SSNs for all non-employee covered individuals.

Keep in mind that self-insured coverage is defined as coverage where the employer assumes the financial risk for providing health care benefits to its employees. This coverage is rare for small businesses since it is typically costly.

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Determining 4980H Safe Harbor for Affordability – TY2015

4980H Safe Harbor - Person taking notes

Perhaps one of the more complex pieces of the ACA compliance equation is the 4980H safe harbor provisions for affordability. At its simplest, coverage is considered affordable if the premium constitutes less than 9.5% of the household income of an eligible employee. Since this calculation takes into account the take home pay for spouses, it … Read more

Preparing for Employer Shared Responsibility – IRS TY 2015

Employer Shared Responsibility - Monthly budget

The Affordable Care Act mandate specifies that employers must offer a majority of their employees affordable health coverage. For tax year 2015, you’ll need to calculate whether 70% of your full-time employees were covered. If you haven’t offered 70% of your eligible employees with affordable healthcare coverage, you may be subject to fines. How to Calculate Employer Shared … Read more

Identify Full-Time Employees – IRS TY 2015

Identify Full-Time Employees - Empty papers

An important step that you’ll want to take to prepare for ACA reporting is to identify full-time employees for each month. You’ll want to be very careful with this calculation as the IRS is very specific with how it counts full-time employees. Full-Time Employees – Definition IRS defines a full-time employee like so: An employer’s … Read more