10 Common Mistakes for IRS Form 1095-C

Common Mistakes on Form 1095-C - Boy covering face

There are many common mistakes that filers make when completing Forms 1095-C. We’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes and how to fix them. Common Mistakes Only creating and sending forms to individuals that enrolled in coverage Common Mistake: Many filers assume that a Form 1095-C should only be completed for individuals that … Read more

IRS Form 1095-C Guide for 2023 (TY2022)

Form 1095-C Guide - Colorful leaves

Before you begin to prepare your ACA reporting, it’s important that you know what information you need in preparing Form 1095-C. We’ve compiled the following 7 key topics in our Form 1095-C Guide that may help you to correctly and timely complete your filing. Form 1095-C Guide – Key Topics Our Form 1095-C guide identifies … Read more

6 Limited Non-Assessment Periods for ALEs

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Determining when full-time employees should be offered health coverage can be one of the biggest challenges for Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) under the ACA Employer Mandate. ALEs who do not immediately offer coverage to full-time employees may be protected by using certain grace periods provided by the IRS, which are called Limited Non-Assessment Periods. What … Read more

IRS Filing Guides for ACA, 1099, and W-2

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The end of the 2022 tax year means that the 2023 filing season is just around the corner! With our filing guide, you don’t have to spend endless hours laboring over getting your filings prepared and submitted to the IRS. Whether you’re brand new to filing or have been a doing this for a while, … Read more

New Jersey ACA Filing Requirements – TY 2022

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Many states have adopted Individual Mandates. New Jersey ACA filing is required for certain employers and insurance providers. Clarifications to New Jersey ACA Requirements The NJ Market Preservation Act requires reporting to verify coverage provided by payers of NJ’s Income Tax. NJ requires employers, insurers, and other coverage providers to: Where New Jersey ACA Requirements … Read more

Import Spreadsheet Format Guidelines for Tax Year 2022

Import spreadsheet format guidelines A Step-by-Step Guide

We’ve created Excel import spreadsheet templates to help you easily upload all of your 1095-B and 1095-C, 1099, and W-2 data. These templates are identical to the official IRS forms so that you can enter the information just as you would on paper.  General Import Spreadsheet Guidelines For more in-depth or specific validation errors, you can … Read more

Affordable Care Act Reporting Tool – 4 Easy Steps!

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When the IRS made reporting Affordable Care Act (ACA) a requirement back in 2015, it made employer reporting an obligation. There are two form types that can be submitted: Form 1095-B Health Coverage & Form 1095-C Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage. Failure to fulfill the filing and furnishing obligations with the IRS results in … Read more

2023 ACA Deadlines (TY2022)

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Tax Year 2022 is coming to a close, which means that the filing season of 2023 is upon us! We’ve created this guide, so you don’t miss the 2023 ACA deadlines. Basic Information When each tax year, or calendar year, comes to a close employers must ensure that they meet all IRS tax requirements regarding … Read more

New Jersey ACA Changes for 2023 Filing Season

White Tiles Spelling Out "Update" on a red background - NJ New Jersey ACA Changes

New Jersey is among the few states that have implemented state Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates. With the 2023 filing season right around the corner, New Jersey ACA Changes have been announced amongst filing requirements.  New Jersey ACA Changes There have been a couple updates regarding NJ ACA Requirements for the coming tax seasons.  The … Read more

Rhode Island ACA Deadline Update Effective in 2023

Rhode Island ACA Deadline Update Effective 2023 - Top view of hourglass on wood table

On Oct 19 2022, the RI Division of Taxation (part of the RI Department of Revenue) released an advisory for taxpayers and tax professionals regarding ACA individual mandate filing deadlines. Rhode Island ACA Deadlines The advisory states that the Rhode Island ACA deadlines for both furnishing forms and reporting with the state have been updated. … Read more

IRS Final Regulations on 10/13/22 – Eligibility for the PTC

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On Oct 13, 2022, the IRS released the final regulations regarding Affordability of Employer Coverage for Family Members of Employees and how this affects eligibility for the Premium Tax Credit (PTC).  Background The final regulations amend the Income Tax Regulations (26 CFR part 1) under section 36B of the Code.  The IRS and Treasury Department … Read more

IRS Letter 1865C

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The IRS sends out Letter 1865C to employers if they cannot process some of their ACA forms. This can be for a variety of reasons, including improper format, incorrect forms, and typos among other things.   What is IRS Letter 1865C? The IRS Letter 1865C is a notice typically sent out to employers and filers … Read more