Better Late Than Never – Filing Penalties for ACA Forms in 2024

Stack of hundred dollar bills - Filing Penalties for ACA Forms

Filing Penalties for ACA forms can happen for a variety of reasons, including forgetting to file or not offering coverage. With the increase of tax enforcement from the IRS due to the Inflation Reduction Act, filers need to be sure that they are up to date with all ACA terms and in compliance with all … Read more

Offer Methods for Certifications of Eligibility – IRS 1094-C

Certifications of Eligibility & Offer Methods for IRS 1094-C - Brown post it notes, sharpie, and keyboard on gray desk

IRS Form 1094-C, Part II – ALE Member Information only has 3 line items. One of these is Line 22 – Certifications of Eligibility (Offer Methods). This line is a very important part to get right. It may look confusing, but it’s actually pretty simple! 22. Certifications of Eligibility This line designates if the employer … Read more