SB 1162 California Pay Data Report Deadline 2024

Starting in 2023, California introduced Senate Bill 1162 which requires that certain employers submit a variety of workforce data to the Civil Rights Department (CRD). The California Pay Data Report Deadline is in May of each year.

What is the California Pay Data Report Deadline for 2024?

The deadline to submit CA Pay Data Reports is the second Wednesday of May each year. The first due data is May 8, 2024.

Are there penalties for not filing?

Yes, there are penalties for not filing when required to do so. The CRD may impose civil penalties of $100 per employee against an employer who fails to file a required report. Penalties increase to $200 per employee for each subsequent failure to file.

Please note: these same penalties may apply to Labor Contractors that do not supply the necessary data to Client Employer.

Key Takeaway

In conclusion, compliance with California SB 1162 Pay Data Reporting is essential to avoid penalties and to promote fairness in the workplace. Employers that fail to submit the data may be subject to penalties.

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