BoomTax API: A RESTful API for the IRS AIR System

We are excited to announce that the BoomTax API for the IRS AIR system has entered the beta phase of development!

The BoomTax API makes managing and e-filing Affordable Care Act returns very simple. By using a modern web API, you can easily import data from your back-end systems into BoomTax and prepare your filing in a totally hands-off way.

Why is this better than the IRS AIR A2A system?

The process for filing on the IRS AIR A2A system looks like this:

  • Apply for a TCC (you need 2 representatives that are willing to signup using their personal AGI from the previous year)
  • Next, apply for a Software ID
  • Next, apply for an ACES certificate (application requires 2 forms of ID and must be notarized)
  • Build code to interface with A2A system. The A2A system uses a SOAP based API, but is customized to the point where developers will need to write a lot of custom code to have this work.
  • Create test scenarios
  • Manually verify test scenario completion with the IRS via phone
  • Learn the corrections and rejections process and implement this in your back-end logic. Due to how the IRS handles corrections, rejections, and originals this is very complex.
  • Start e-filing.
  • Re-work your code to work with XML schema updates.
  • Re-apply for software ID and certificates.

The process for filing on the BoomTax API is like so:

  • Create a BoomTax account.
  • Download our API sample project and customize this to work with your systems. Our API works with almost any programming language, so you can integrate into almost any environment.
  • Start e-filing.

Our system also provides access to our sophisticated IRS validation tool, which will evaluate your ACA filing and notify you of any errors or inconsistencies. E-filing with the IRS directly will only provide an error message with a vague description of the problem if there is a data validation issue.

How is BoomTax able to skip so many steps?

Our software has undergone the approval process already, and since we are an IRS authorized transmitter, we can e-file on your behalf. This means you won’t need to go through the tedious IRS approval and testing process to send your filing to the IRS.

By using the BoomTax API, you can setup your system to e-file your ACA forms within several days, instead of dedicating many months of development time to interface with the IRS directly.

How do I get started?

To get more information, please visit our documentation at:

and contact our helpdesk to enroll in our beta tester program to get started today!

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