ACA State Requirements for Tax Year 2020

We know that ACA filing requirements can be a little tricky, but we are always here to help simplify ACA State filing. 

As of today, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont and the District of Columbia have Individual Mandates in place that require employers to report ACA data on the state level as well as federally.

– Similar approach to NJ.
– Data must be uploaded via CA’s SWIFT system.
– Deadline: furnish to employees, 01/31/2021; file with CA Franchise Tax Board by 03/31/2021

District of Columbia:
– State requirements essentially mirror the federal requirements for employers, but the filing submission types are very different.
– All filings must be filed electronically through MyTaxDC; paper filings will not be accepted.
– Deadline: 30 days after the federal ACA deadline. 

– Typically done by insurance providers on behalf of the employer.

New Jersey:
– Requires ALEs to use IRS forms 1094-C & 1095-C (B series if self-insured) to send data to the state, except when the insurance provider files on the employer’s behalf.
– Deadline: 03/31 of the following reporting year.

Rhode Island:
– Currently, the only new requirement for employers is furnishing healthcare receipts to employees beginning in 01/2021.

– Currently, there are no additional requirements for employers, but there will be state requirements if federal ACA reporting requirements are eradicated. 

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