5 Recruitment Trends of 2023

The year 2020 marked a pivotal moment in recruitment trends. Remote work and fully online processes have increasingly become the norm. This has forced HR departments to rapidly adopt automated recruitment processes to improve the candidate experience.

Employers are now open to hiring the best talent from anywhere in the world with the switch to remote work. Similarly, the best candidates are carefully watching how employers cope with the changes brought about by the pandemic. They are paying close attention to employer branding as they consider their next moves.

Though many HR departments were making strides in these areas before this year, 2023 will bring forward even more of these recruitment trends. As businesses work to survive by cutting costs and attracting top talent from a global applicant pool for new hires, effectively addressing these trends will be increasingly imperative.

Trend 1: Accelerated Adoption of Digital Recruitment Technology in 2023

Recruitment teams have abandoned in-person interviews, contract signing, and onboarding in favour of handling them exclusively online. In fact, within the early days of the pandemic, video interviewing spiked dramatically, increasing by 524% in a few short weeks. By accelerating the move to complete the entire hiring process remotely, businesses stand to save time and money over traditional in-person methods.

Virtual job fairs also quickly replaced offline job fairs as companies work to recruit new hires more efficiently. Old habits die hard, and there is still some lingering hesitation at removing the opportunity to build a relationship in person, but many recruiters believe that virtual job fairs are worth the time and effort to coordinate.

Even if you don’t plan to hire immediately, online job fairs are a great way to sift through a pool of candidates and take note of those you might like to keep an eye on.

Most interviewees, too, appreciate the opportunity to meet with several employers in a relatively short space of time without the angst and hassle of in-person events. The return on time and investment will continue to make virtual job fairs attractive for recruiters and recruits.

Trend 2: Rise in recruitment process automation

Recruitment automation is vast and comes in many accessible forms. Interview chatbots, interview scheduling, and candidate screening, for example, can all be done without significant human involvement. This ensures that HR managers only spend time reviewing qualified candidates.

With GrabJobs, for example, it’s possible to sift through an entire applicant pool by setting a few parameters. If the applicant passes typical screening questions delivered by the interview chatbot, HR personnel are notified. Then, the applicant can schedule a final interview. Compare that to going through tons of CV submissions by hand, and you’ll quickly see how valuable recruitment process automation can be.

Some people caution that the recruitment process shouldn’t be entirely removed from human interaction. Otherwise, it may feel too clinical. However, on the flip side, refusing to adopt hiring automation processes may cause firms to lose candidates to tech-savvy competitors. It’s important to start moving towards recruitment process automation if you haven’t already.

To successfully implement recruitment process automation, you’ll need to accomplish the following:

  1. Determine how many stages /hours of your current recruitment process can be automated.
  2. Based on what you pay your HR staff, put a price on how much this costs your firm. You can use our Recruitment Cost Calculator to get a better idea of how much recruitment process automation may be able to save your firm.
  3. Look into the cost of the recruitment technology that you’ll need to automate the process.

Trend 3: Increase in Global Talent Sourcing

The most effective way to incorporate global talent sourcing is by working with online job portals. You can automate job posting on sites worldwide and go from there to stay on top of this current recruitment trend. Here are the top five global job portals where you should begin talent sourcing:

  1. GrabJobs.co is one of the top global job boards, operating in more than 24 major countries. Employers can connect with millions of applicants who are searching through thousands of available positions. On GrabJobs, employers enjoy an efficient, cutting edge recruitment automation platform that helps you eliminate repetitive, traditional hiring tasks.
  2. Indeed.com is a well-known job site that boasts over 250 million unique visitors each month, ideal for global talent sourcing. Employers have over 25 million jobs listed on Indeed, with the opportunity to sponsor listings to attract the best talent. Indeed also offers a programmatic job advertising platform called Indeed IQ.
  3. Linkedin.com started as a professional landing page for individuals to manage their own personal brand. The platform has evolved to meet individuals’ and companies’ business needs and desires. Browsing users’ LinkedIn profiles enables companies to identify top talent and offer those people various employment opportunities.
  4. Jooble.com is an online job board dedicated to global candidate sourcing. With over 1.5 million jobs listed, Jooble.com is a great way to search for candidates looking for their dream job.
  5. Talent.com is an online job board dedicated to global candidate sourcing. Although talent.com does not offer native recruitment automation, it does integrate with other automated recruitment services. They help to match over 75 million monthly visitors worldwide with employment opportunities, including individuals looking to work from home.

Trend 4: Companies invest in Candidate Experience

Going forward, as candidates can apply to an almost limitless number of companies, companies must provide the most efficient recruitment process to snag the best workers.

Employing a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) system makes sure that neither party is wasting their time. Nurturing top talent that is ready when positions open can save you time and money throughout the hiring process.

Another way to attract top talent down the line is through word-of-mouth and referrals. Most candidates with a positive experience would refer other potential hires. Similarly, more than half of people pleased with your company’s candidate experience would happily tell their social networks about it.

Live chat allows candidates to interact with potential employers on-the-go as needed. To close out the process, automated onboarding systems are necessary for a proactive induction process. Simple Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are no longer enough to ensure optimal candidate engagement.

Stepping up the technology to provide a better candidate experience will be increasingly necessary since companies will need to aggressively engage the best candidates.

Trend 5: Focus your employer branding message on adaptability and resilience

Your firm’s reputation, how you have managed change in the face of this pandemic, as well as how well your current staff have been cared for will be top of mind for new recruits.

And so, it is especially crucial to ensure that sufficient efforts are focused on corporate branding. Pay special attention to the values of adaptability and resilience.

These are two of the top criterias that job-seekers are currently keeping a keen look out for in employers today.

2023 Recruitment trends final thoughts

And that brings us to the end of this article! We hope the above list of the top 5 recruitment trends of 2023 provide you with valuable insights that can help you and your firm in attracting the best of talents!

Make the most of these pointers by taking note of these trends. But also keep an open mind as fluctuating market, business and environmental factors can affect these listed trends.

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