BREAKING: ACA Deadline Extension by the IRS for Tax Year 2017

The IRS has just published Notice 2018-06 regarding an ACA deadline extension for employers and providers to issue Form 1095-C to eligible employees for Tax Year 2017. This extension is automatic and will not require any submitted request.

The deadline to distribute employee copies of Form 1095-C has been extended from January 31, 2018 to March 2, 2018. Continue reading BREAKING: ACA Deadline Extension by the IRS for Tax Year 2017

Happy Holidays from BoomTax! – ACA Reporting & More

Here at BoomTax, we’d like to wish you and your family Happy Holidays! We truly appreciate each and every one of our customers. Your invaluable support allows us to continue providing the easiest tax filing software available.

We were proud to release the Tax Year 2017 module of our product earlier this week, featuring updated Affordable Care Act reporting and new support for Form Series 1099. We look forward to adding on support for even more forms in the future in order to provide our clients with an all-in-one center for all of their tax filing needs.

It seems we cannot say it enough, but with the end of the year fast approaching, we want to once again remind you of the upcoming deadlines for 2018. With our 2017 module now live, you can log in to your BoomTax account at any time to begin preparing your ACA and 1099 filings. Check out our Quick Guide to help you get started and take a look at our Excel import spreadsheet format guidelines if you plan on using them to upload your data.

Our office will be closed Monday, December 25, 2017 and Monday, January 1, 2018. E-mail support will be available at [email protected]. A customer support representative will reach out to address your concerns as quickly as possible.

We hope you enjoy your holidays! We greatly look forward to helping you get through Tax Season 2018!

IRS e-Services Secure Access Authentication via Phone and IRS2Go

Over the weekend, the IRS released a new login portal for e-Services with a required two-factor authentication component called Secure Access Authentication. This means that you will now need to enter a code from your phone each time you login to use IRS e-Services.

Secure Access Authentication Methods

The IRS provides a few different ways to get this code. The most common ways are via text message or their own IRS2Go app. If you choose to use a phone for authentication, you will need to consider what type of phone line you will register. The IRS requires the phone line must be:

  • A U.S.-based mobile phone number registered in your name;
  • Able to receive text messages; and
  • It may NOT be a prepaid (Pay-as-You-Go), landline, Skype, Google Voice, or virtual number.

If you choose to use the IRS2Go app, you can use any capable tablet or phone. You will not necessarily need internet access, but the setup phase will take much longer as you will have to wait for a letter in the mail with your activation code.

How to Get Started

If your phone line meets the above criteria, you’ll need a lot of personal information to get started. The IRS will be looking for many of the following:

    • A readily available email address;
    • Your Social Security Number;
    • Your filing status and address from your last-filed tax return;
    • Your personal account number from a:
      • credit card, or
      • home mortgage loan, or
      • home equity (second mortgage) loan, or
      • home equity line of credit (HELOC), or
      • car loan;
    • A readily available mobile device that either is text-enabled or supports the IRS2Go app. A text-enabled mobile phone associated with your name will allow you to complete registration in one session. If you want to use a business mobile phone or the IRS2Go app, request the activation code by mail.

NOTE: If you have a “credit freeze” on your credit records through Experian, it must be temporarily lifted before you can successfully complete this process. The credit card cannot be American Express, a debit card, or a corporate card issued in your name by your company or organization.

A Better Way

At BoomTax, we’re dedicated to simplifying your tax reporting. Customers that use our platform for 1099 and ACA filing don’t need to worry about maintaining an IRS e-Services account. BoomTax works with the IRS directly so you can focus on completing your filing without ever having to contact the IRS.

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