ACA Compliance Still Required for 2017 Tax Returns

The Affordable Care Act has really been put through the ringer this year. However, despite what’s been going on in Washington, D.C., the IRS has indicated that they will be pushing forward with enforcing ACA compliance for Tax Year 2017.

Throughout the year, they have been updating their ACA Information Center with the new tax year forms and instructions, and guidance on reporting. Their most recent page update included the new requirement for individual taxpayers to indicate their health care coverage status on their tax returns before acceptance. Continue reading ACA Compliance Still Required for 2017 Tax Returns

Updated: Affordable Care Act Filing and MORE for Tax Year 2017

BoomTax is proud to announce the release of our Tax Year 2017 product!

We are dedicated to providing the simplest tax reporting software anywhere. Did you notice the new changes to our homepage? In addition to updating our Affordable Care Act filing support for the current tax year, we have added some new features in order to assist your tax filing needs.

New Features for Tax Year 2017

1099 Series Information Reporting Support – BoomTax now offers support for reporting 1099-MISC, 1099-INT and 1099-DIV information to the IRS using our same user-friendly interface to make the process quick and simple.

Combined Federal and State Filing (CS/SF) Support – For states that require 1099 information reporting and are participants of the Combined Federal and State Filing program, BoomTax allows you to submit your 1099-MISC, 1099-INT and 1099-DIV forms to the IRS and responsible state tax agency simultaneously. Learn more about the CS/SF program here.

Payer TIN Verification – When setting up your Payer information, the taxpayer identification number will automatically be verified to ensure that the information matches with what the IRS has on file. This will help to prevent misinformation or simple mistakes from requiring a corrected filing.

Easier Billing Process – BoomTax now allows you to safely and securely save your payment information for future purchases. With this feature, you will not have to enter your information line-by-line each time you make a payment.

Great New Features, Same Low Price!

With so many new features, we are still committed to maintaining our flat-rate, no-hidden-fees pricing.

Ready to Get Started?

Log in to your BoomTax account today to check out the new changes. Take a look around and let us know what you think!

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ACA Reporting Deadlines for Tax Year 2017

With Tax Year 2017 coming to a close, it’s time to start preparing for ACA Reporting in 2018. In order to avoid last-minute time crunches and possible penalties, you should take note of the following deadlines. Continue reading ACA Reporting Deadlines for Tax Year 2017