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New Form 1099-DA: IRS Releases Draft for Digital Assets Form

7 min read

The IRS has finally revealed the new draft Form 1099-DA, which is the very first type of form specifically created for digital assets, or cryptocurrency. This release has been anticipated since the IRS issued…

California Pay Data Reporting Terminology to Know in 2024

2 min read

There are many terms that employers may be unfamiliar with when beginning their CA Pay Data Reports. Here are some important terms to know: Client Employer – A private individual or entity that has…

Common Mistakes for California Pay Data Reporting in 2024

4 min read

California Pay Data Reporting is now required under Senate Bill 1162. This bill requires that certain employers report pay data information regarding their employees the California Civil Rights Department (CRD).  It’s important to ensure…

CA Pay Data Reporting Basic Information for 2024

4 min read

In recent years, California has enacted legislature in order to address pay discrimination and promote fair compensation practices among employers. Among this legislation is Senate Bill 1162 which requires CA Pay Data Reporting information…