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6 Great Questions for 2023 California Pay Data Reporting

4 min read

California Pay Data Reporting is a fairly new requirement with the first annual report due in May 2023. Certain employers are required to report a variety of workforce data to the Civil Rights Department…

24 California Pay Data Reporting Examples and Scenarios

16 min read

The California Civil Rights Department (CRD) requires that certain employers report pay and hours-worked data by establishment, job category, gender, race, and ethnicity to the CRD annually. The Pay Data Reporting is required under…

9 Proven Strategies for Accurate and Consistent Time Tracking

8 min read

Accurately tracking time is essential to ensuring employees are paid fairly and that labor costs are justified. It’s also crucial for maintaining regulatory compliance and understanding how your business allocates time and resources. On…

What is a Snapshot Period for CA Pay Data Reporting? TY 2022

4 min read

The recent updates to California Pay Data Reporting begs the question: What is a Snapshot Period?  Snapshot Period Defined The Snapshot Period is a single pay period between October 1st and December 31st of…