Earn Rewards for Referring Your Friends and Colleagues

Yes, you read that right! You can now earn rewards for referring your friends and colleagues to BoomTax.

To do this, simply login to BoomTax, then go to your account information. Select ‘Referrals’ from the menu on the left, copy your referral link, and send it to your friends!

You can earn a $10 Amazon gift card for each referral. Every individual you refer must e-file a minimum of 10 forms with BoomTax to qualify. Your rewards for referrals are then paid out at the end of the tax year.

It’s as simple as that! Happy Referring!

California State ACA Filing Required starting in Tax Year 2020

California has announced that state filing is now required for ACA forms starting in Tax Year 2020. We know that new requirements can be tricky, so let BoomTax help you with your state and federal filing!

We have also compiled a list of the the CA state requirements so you can be ready for January:

Continue reading California State ACA Filing Required starting in Tax Year 2020

Affordability Safe Harbors

Determining the affordability of the health coverage offered to your full-time employees and their dependents can be a bit complex. To put it simply, provided coverage is considered affordable if the premium constitutes less than 9.5% (adjusted annually) of the household income of an eligible employee for the plan year.

Since household income can be difficult to determine, due to factors such as spousal or secondary income, the IRS offers three safe harbor options to assist in determining affordability: Continue reading Affordability Safe Harbors